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Audiodelix Music Group and Publishing Company is an artist owned and operated company. The company’s owner started out in the local Los Angeles music scene in the mid-1980s and has continued to grow within the evolving International music scenes of Rock, Metal, EDM, Pop, Jazz, HipHop and more; working with some of the top performing and trending musicians recording today. We here at Audiodelix Music Group have seen the music industry evolve from a corporation music company and radio station industry to the independent artist and social media driven world we work in today! We welcome everyone, both fans and performers, to join us in expansing the art of music to the world’s ears.

Catch Fishbone's Cover of 'Them Bones" - MoPOP Presents a tribute to Alice In Chains! (Museum of Pop Culture)

Our Artists

Audiodelix Music Group is proud to feature the music of its founder, Kendall Jones. Mr. Jones started his professional career as the lead guitar player and one of the main song writers for the Los Angeles-based multi-musical genre band, “Fishbone.”

According to the unofficial website of Kendall Jones; “Kendall Rey Jones aka Special K is a guitar monster.  Period.

As a founding member of Fishbone, Kendall Jones’ guitar work defines what nuttmeg guitarisms should be.  Kendall Jones can stand on his own in any genre he touches (Funk, Metal, Ska, Reggae, Fusion, etc. playing each as if it’s a style he has devoted himself solely to), and his ability to fuse all together and make it sound right and natural is untouched.  Kendall Jones has not gotten the props and respect he deserves, and I believe he is the most important guitarist of the past 20 years.
Kendall Jones picked up the guitar around 1982 after starting on piano.  Kendall admits to learning to play while starting FISHBONE with Norwood Fisher, Fish, Angelo Mooore, Chris Dowd, and Dirty Walter Kibby in Los Angeles.
Influences to the amazing guitarist include P-Funk, Arik MArshall, Blackbyrd McKnight, Alex Lifeson (Rush), Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Return to Forever, Mahavishnu Orchestra, the Specials, the Skatelites, Selector, and on and on…

Kendall split from Fishbone after recording “Give a Monkey a Brain” in 1993, and has since laid low musically.  The nuttmeg universe is missing the sound of Kendall’s radikal guitarizms…” –


- Fishbone (E.P.)
- Truth and Soul
- Reality of my Surroundings

- Give A Monkey A Brain and He Will Swear He is the Center of the Universe

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